How to Decorate For a Baby Shower – Welcoming a Baby in Style!

Many first-timers of bash-organizing are clueless on how to decorate for a baby shower. Baby showers are typically organized by friends, relatives, and/or husband of a soon-to-be mother, as long as she doesn’t know about the get-together. It is held to welcome the newest addition to the family, and to celebrate life. It will be helpful to have someone who has an experience in baby showers to lead the preparation. But it’s never too late to have a simple and heart warming baby shower even if all of you are scrabbling through the dark.

A memorable baby shower doesn’t have to be expensive. The important thing is that the people closest to the expectant mother’s heart are there celebrating with her. Making this event even more special is possible with the help of some creative and fun baby shower decorations. It can be elegant yet simple, cute, inexpensive, and more importantly, fun.  The following are just some of the decorating tips you can apply when preparing for a baby shower.

How To Decorate For A Baby Shower

  • You will never fail by incorporating baby stuff in your decorations. Have a clothes line set up inside the venue. And with the use of cute clothes pins, hang onesies, baby socks, little towels, bibs and baby clothes.
  • Prepare cut-outs of cute cartoon characters for children like Elmo and the whole Sesame Street gang, Barney and friends, Winnie the Pooh, and more. You can also prepare cut-outs of baby bottles, pacifiers, strollers, rattles and bibs, then tape them to your walls, or on the door to greet arriving guests.
  • Just like in any parties, balloons are also a timeless decoration on baby showers. They fill the available space above. You can have balloons with wishes for expectant mothers, or play with the colors or shapes according to your theme. Typically, it’s light blue for boys, pink for girls, and yellow if the gender has not been discovered.
  • If the expectant mother likes flowers, have them displayed around the area. Flowers provide a fresh feel and aroma to the party. Don’t forget to stick with the theme by putting these flowers on large baby bottles or sticking cut-outs around the vase.
  • You may want to sprinkle confetti around the area for a “party” feel of the baby shower. Most party suppliers have confetti in baby shapes of pacifiers, baby bottles, rubber duckies, and booties. When baby shapes confetti are not available, regular confetti will do.
  • Spice up even the plates, cups, and table napkins by synchronizing their colors to your theme. In fact, there are party supplies made especially for baby showers.
  • Don’t forget the cake. Since it is often the centerpiece of the table, why not have the cake in-synch with the theme. Pastry shops have cakes for every occasion including baby showers so you wouldn’t have a hard time looking for one.

Baby Shower Themes

Knowing how to decorate for a baby shower is easy after you have decided on the theme. Most themes are the gender of the baby, therefore there’s the light blue and pink and yellow. If you want the baby shower to be unique, think of other ideas such as cartoon characters, baby animals themes, ducky baby shower, or even a mad hatter baby shower or an Eco-friendly baby shower that encourages guests to give BPA-free teethers, organic toys, and natural baby stuff. The possibilities are endless. Think of what the expectant mother likes, or her hobbies, or something that tells about her. Then incorporate that idea into a theme personalized only for her.

Well, you can now organize the get-together confidently. You’ll never know, you can have another title after pulling through a successful baby shower. You can be your group’s star baby shower organizer!

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